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Kat:  We had an IEP meeting yesterday and the school refused all of our requests (monthly progress reports, to raise a goal higher, to add methodology to the IEP and update wording of her needs to match the evaluation). We did not think to ask them to supply their refusal in writing or bring any of those attachment forms. The IEP was sent home today stating that “no options were rejected and there were no other areas of concern”. Is it ok to write up an attachment listing all the things that were rejected and ask them to attach it after the fact? Or should we request another meeting saying we are not satisfied with the last one and think there is more to discuss?

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01/08/2016 6:02 pm

You have to sign the IEP on the line where it reads “I DO NOT AGREE”, If you sign in agreement the IEP will go into effect.–schools/schools-and-ieps/articles/iep-services-what-if-you-dont-agree.html?referrer=

Jill G
01/08/2016 6:02 pm

A note of caution…

The procedural protections described in that article are NOT based on IDEA. They are (presumably) based on California state special education law, and will not apply in most states.

The weight of parental consent varies greatly from state to state. IDEA does not require a school to obtain a parent’s permission to implement an IEP, beyond the initial IEP. And many states simply adopt this as their standard.

Do always check with your state special education regs/law, and connect with your local parent center if you’re unsure about something!