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Aaron:  We are considering pulling our child out of the public school for the remainder of the year. He is not making academic progress and is acting out in the class because he does not want to be there. Next year he transitions to middle school where we hope things will be better. We believe that the remainder of this year is crucial to his development but we’re worried that pulling him out of public school will affect the IEP we’ve already set up. What happens if you pull a child out of public school but return him later? How does that affect the IEP? (We’re not as worried about getting compensated for tuition, but more concerned about the educational implications.)

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12/21/2016 3:36 pm

In my state of Wisconsin if a parent removes their child from spec ed (which you would be doing if you pulled him from the public school setting for the rest of the year), they have the right to change their mind at a later date. In WI a parent would need to provide in writing their desire to revoke their child’s spec ed placement. When the student is re-enrolled in a public school the parent would then provide a written statement indicating they are rescinding their revocation of services (essentially, requesting that spec ed services be put in place again). Please be aware, however, that your state may have different requirements–and your district may request a re-evaluation of your son’s needs upon his return to the public school setting next year.

12/21/2016 3:33 pm

Have you talked to the rest of the PPT and/or case manager? I would advise you to work with an educational consultant about the needs of your child and a good “fit” for a private placement. The middle school years are a “big jump” and full of transition at times. I have found that some teachers will, even at the risk of their jobs, give parents a honest picture of what the middle school and high years look like in their school districts for special education students. My thought is that if he is acting out and you pull him out that may send a wrong message to him depending on the details and his needs. Go forth wisely as he needs to stay in some type of learning environment.