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CornelS:  The district insisted my preschool son be in a contained class, I fought for inclusion and they agreed with a stipulation to review in 30 days and amend the IEP if they see fit. They also insist that this be written in the IEP. Is this acceptable?

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01/11/2016 4:01 pm

Reviewing a decision in a period of time is generally considered acceptable. Reviewing the decision needs to be done by the entire IEP team based on data collected from a number of sources. The review should consider whether the child & teacher(s) received the support that was needed. The IEP goals should be realistic. If they are not, they are setting the child up for failure & the school can say, “We tried inclusion, but it did not work.” If there are some signs that the student is making progress, there is a case for asking for a longer trial period.