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CornelS:  The district insisted my preschool son be in a contained class, I fought for inclusion and they agreed with a stipulation to review in 30 days and amend the IEP if they see fit. They also insist that this be written in the IEP. Is this acceptable?

  1. My grandson has been in a modified program since December. I had to file to our state because this was not done through the IEP process. Now they want to draft a new IEP based on the data from the modified schedule. He has PTSD and ASD, with new medication the initial behaviors that put him into the modified schedule no longer exist. He has finally gotten back into his class for full, day but they want a new IEP drafted based on their data alone. The current signed IEP has not even been address at this point. The progress reports are not reflecting his goals, they reflect the schedule they created. Very frustrated as the behaviors they are concerned about have no existed in three months. Can the district propose a draft IEP based on just this, no new evaluations have been done.

    • After you filed the Complaint with the state, did the State issue a report or findings? If they did, that report should give you an idea about what the school needs to do now.

  2. Reviewing a decision in a period of time is generally considered acceptable. Reviewing the decision needs to be done by the entire IEP team based on data collected from a number of sources. The review should consider whether the child & teacher(s) received the support that was needed. The IEP goals should be realistic. If they are not, they are setting the child up for failure & the school can say, “We tried inclusion, but it did not work.” If there are some signs that the student is making progress, there is a case for asking for a longer trial period.

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