Part C: IEP vs IFSP

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Kimberly: Can a two year old have an IEP instead of an IFSP?

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02/05/2016 5:14 pm

In NH, an Individualized Family Service Plan is only for children birth to 3 years old and is through your state early supports and services. An IFSP is typically provided in the home or daycare and is based on home based skills-not school based. An Individualized Education Plan is for children 3-21 years old and is provided through the school district and how the disability impacts the child in the school environment.

02/08/2016 3:22 pm
Reply to  Christine

I said typically, because there can be exceptions in some states. In TX schools are responsible for children who are deaf or blind from birth. So they work with the local ECI program. So they could have an IEP with some TX schools.

02/05/2016 12:46 pm

Typically not, but your state could allow this. Your state parent training & information project can help you.