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Jen:  Can a School psychologist serve as an LEA rep on an IEP team for meeting purposes?

  1. Can the ESE Specialist also be the ESE Evaluator during an IEP Meeting? Does the LEA have to participate in the IEP Meeting? And if yes, what if they did not participate or attend the IEP Meeting but listed? Can the Director of ESE department also be the Task-Assigned Due Process Coordinator?

    If you could please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it

    • Chelsea, see the comment below. It would be very unusual for a classroom teacher to meet these requirements.

  2. Yes, if they meet the IDEA criteria, 300.321(a)(4). Qualified to provide, or supervise the provision of specially designed instruction, knowledgeable about general education curriculum, knowledgeable about availability of school resources.

    • I have heard of some instances in which the school psychologist also serves a dual role as LEA and school psych (e.g., serving as LEA and psych at an eval planning meeting, re-evaluation, or eligibility results). IDEA says that one can serve dual roles if they meet the criteria, but this seems questionable. I would love input regarding this issue. Thanks!

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