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John: We all know that many IEP related documents (Meeting notice, etc). need to be done within X number of days. My question: calendar days, or school days? Where do Holidays fall? Do you count holidays in the” X #” of days or not?

I just got a student, and the interim IEP is due the first 30 days of enrollment, but with the holidays, this gives me scant little time to prepare. Thanks!

  1. I have a question regarding effective dates. I have always been instructed to record the IEP effective start date as the same date as the meeting date. In other words when the team meets to hold the IEP meeting and everyone signs off in the Iep it becomes effective that day. Is this standard or can the IEP effective date be the next day?

  2. You will need to check your state regulations. Where I work (Wisconsin), we use a combination of “calendar” days and “business” days in the IEP process and it’s important to know which type of day applies to which part of the process.

    I’m sure different states have different rules, so I can’t provided a specific answer. How about connecting with your district’s special education director?

  3. Hi John: Wrightslaw is in Virginia and VA state regulations are quite specific about defining timelines – calendar days or business days or school days, etc. (You’ll also find the definition of “Day” in IDEA, so check your law book.

    You must check your own state regulations for specific timelines. Let us know if you don’t know where to find them. Tx

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