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Shelly:  My daughter had transportation last year as part of a developmental disability IEP. She aged out of dev disability, and it took 4 administrative hearings and outside evaluation to get her services back (reading and math help, plus OT) however school refuses to give her bus services back. She has ADHD, learning disability, and executive functioning issues. Her first year of kindergarten she had 60 tardies. Second year of kindergarten, with bus service had 4 tardies. Without bus service already has 6 tardies in first 2 weeks of school. There is something about the morning routine and separation from Mom that she cannot handle. The school says that bus service is only for disabled students. (The school is not our assigned school, but by special permission at the suggestion of the special education office.). How do I get transportation as a related service on IEP

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09/16/2016 10:34 pm

My understanding, as a special Ed teacher, is that special transportation is for students that would receive bus services as a general education student, but need specialized transportation due to his/her disability. In my state/district, if the student would not be provided with transportation without an IEP, he/she would not be provided with specialized transportation. Students attending a school different than their assigned school are not provided with transportation at all, unless educational/placement services are not available at their assigned school. Transportation is up to the parent if they have requested he change.

08/08/2017 4:59 pm
Reply to  Tami

? involves preschool IEP student. Transitioned from Early Intervention. At time of June Eligibility mtg, father had vehicle – transportation wasn’t an issue. In July car broke down. Father is on disability, will most likely not get another vehicle within next 6 mos. Placement for child is substantially separate classroom. We brought letter to spec. serv. dept. explaining situation & requesting transp. Were told team mtg will be needed. Today dropped off letter requesting team mtg. to discuss this (am aware of laws under IDEA, MA DESE etc. however nowhere can I find info on situation like this) Child’s EI services ended 7/29. Preschool starts 8/30. Team mtg. will be??? Any way this can be expedited so child will not go 2 or more months without services?

08/09/2017 2:27 pm
Reply to  Gail

You can keep pushing the district verbally & in writing, contact the state agency, or your state parent training & information center can also assist you.