Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE): HOW CAN I REQUEST AN IEE?

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Sekquiree:  My student was place at an NPS for dyslexic students. Now our district wants to return him back to his local high School placed in special day classes based on their assessments. We totally disagree with the district assessments. How can I in writing request for I.E.E’S to really prove that my student needs to remain at an NPS? Thank you.

  1. THe parent of the child would need to refuse the change of placement. THe district would then have to provide a prior written notice to the parent stating why they want to make the change. THe parent can them refuse and either request an outside evaluation at public expense or hire an attorney. When the parent requests the outside IEE they must send a letter to the school requesting this. The school will come back with a list of places for the testing. THe parent does not have to use anyone on the list. Once the evaluation is done the school must consider the results.

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