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Ruth: My son had an IEP in place under ED with some academic issues as well when I pulled him out several years ago to homeschool. He was in an alternate placement (behavioral classroom) at the time. He wants to return to public school now for 8th grade. Still needs assistance but not as significant; we have done a lot of emotional work. Having difficulty finding any information online about how this might go; any help would be appreciated.

  1. My child had an IEP in 2020. The following year, during COVID, we moved out of state. We decided to homeschool our child for the following year without any change to the prior IEP as we moved in the summer between the school years. Upon entering the 2022-23 school year in the new state, we are being told the prior IEP was expired and they are not bound to it while it is being reevaluated. IDEA says written notification is required to alter or end services. What happens if there is a gap year?

  2. Ask the district (in writing) to do a complete evaluation now in all areas of need. You will want to present them with updated neuropsych eval and any other medical information thawill help establish his needs.

  3. Hello, i have homeschooled my 14 year old daughter with Asperger, ADD and dyslexia since K. Since she is interested in attending school next year, I started the IEP process with them for her placement. If I do not like the results, am I legally obligated? Renee, Va.

    • You have the option to decline the IEP if you disagree with it. More likely, you would work with the school to choose appropriate accommodations.

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