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Alicia:  We homeschool. My daughter was tested in the public system last week and is dyslexic. Is the public system in Texas required to provide services to her? Daily tutoring and work sent home?

  1. Has this improved in Texas by now? I know some schools provide dyslexia program via Zoom, but was told that the student must be enrolled in the District/campus.

    • Niq, Texas has an online virtual network, Homeschooled students may be able to access it, but I am not sure they have a dyslexia program via zoom. The state education agency has begun providing districts with access to an online Dyslexia instruction program. (Amplify Texas). You could try to get your school district to allow you to access this.

  2. If the school identified her as eligible for sp ed services, & she remains in homeschooling, she would be eligible for a service plan under the IDEA. However, the school decides who gets such plans & what services they will provide. TX has a dyslexia law that requires schools to provide specific services enrolled in public schools. I work in TX & can assist you if you want,

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