Homebound Instruction: 60(+) ABSENCES- SCHOOL REFUSES IEP

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DR: Excessive absences are impacting my son’s educational ‘experience’, but because he’s a smart kid with high test scores the school says there is no academic impact and is denying him appropriate Homebound Instruction. Aren’t both the ‘experience’ and the ‘academics’ included in determining IEPs and right/eligibility to homebound instruction? If so, how can we fight for this-whats our next step? District said would only consider it if he was hospitalized for extended period or had something life threatening.

-District insists ‘no academic impact’=no additions to IEP.
-Receives IEP for Speech and OT for handwriting. 504 modifications for ADHD, Sensory Disorder, and Anxiety. Allows Fidgets, wobble seat, etc but modifications/accommodations are STILL being implemented despite being some going back to 2014.
-Homebound Instruction Certification: Asthma, Ehlers Danlos, Anxiety, Migraines, and IBS. Currently offering tutoring only for 45 minutes twice a week, late evening when my son is too ill to work. Need Homebound Instruction added to IEP to receive during the day. Need remaining modifications implemented in more timely manner. Offer to pay/provide myself have been refused.
-More than 790 emails, conferences, phone calls etc. Not getting anywhere after 2 years of fighting.

  1. Hello, I actually have a question regarding close adult supports in the state of Maryland. How is it determined whether or not a child qualifies for a close adult support? What are the laws regarding said matter?

    • Hi Jessica, issues like this vary from state to state. Please call or email your state Parent Training and Information Center – The Parents’ Place of Maryland – they will be in a better position to answer your questions.

      Contact info:
      The Parents’ Place of Maryland
      801 Cromwell Park Drive, Suite 103
      Glen Burnie, MD 21061
      (410) 768-9100 (800) 394-5694
      Email info | at | ppmd.org
      Web: http://www.ppmd.org

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