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Wrightslaw Provides Answers to Your Questions Video

Looking for information on

Watch the video “Wrightslaw Provides Answers to Your Questions.”

You’ll find the video at the top of our main Wrightslaw page.

Pete created a five minute overview about how to find:

  • the statute
  • cases
  • pleadings
  • articles
  • and more…

In this video, Pete will walk you through how to find information on the Wrightslaw website. Learn how to use the powerful “search box” tool to find caselaw and jury trials. Scroll through the Topics listings, find the Yellow Pages for Kids Directory, and see what’s available on the Wrightslaw YouTube Channel.

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10/01/2015 6:35 pm

How long can the schools legally postpone an IEP meeting? My daughter is 21 and in a transition program in California. It is supposed to be a class with CBI (Community Based Instruction) but is not. At her annual IEP meeting in May we requested that she remain in this classroom 3 days a week and attend an adult CBI program 2 days a week. The local school district was not at the first IEP meeting nor the later meeting. Everyone is passing the buck and now 4 months have passed.

I am writing a letter to everyone I can think of at both the local and county level and would like to state the legal requirements regarding this delay. Can you please help us?

Thank you in advance.

10/01/2015 1:10 pm

My son is 14 in the 9th grade at a public school. He has an IEP. He takes medication …that so far up until now hasn’t been an issue with my school system. My son is autistic, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, OCD, ODD, and IED. Yes numerous diagnosis. I have learned that the school nurse has NOT been calling my son to the office at his medication times. I have FURTHER told her that he is autistic…he has NO concept of time and that is why he must be called. I find out he hasn’t gotten his meds after the 6th time of him not receiving the meds…which explains the behavior issues I’m having at home. Is this a discrimination case or neglect? Any advice..