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Jenni: I have a question and hope you can help because I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere.
Today at 4:20 I recieved an email informing us that we have an IEP mtg Friday (10/7/16). I don’t mind that. We gave 3 dates and times to choose from on the 28th and today they chose that one. Fine.
I also requested a FERPA review (which we have been always denied) because we filed a child complaint and the decision finally came through (9/12) that they do in fact have to give us access to what I want (IEP goal data). However, they said I would not be able to do the records review until Wednesday or Thursday.
Does FERPA mandate what unnecessary delay means? Is there a time before a meeting that would no longer allow us to “meaningfully” participate?
If it makes a difference we are in Missouri. Thank you!

  1. If you’re okay with reviewing the materials on Thursday, and holding the meeting on Friday, then go ahead, but make a calm, firm statement in the meeting, that in future you need to see all relevant materials and records at least three days prior to a meeting. Follow up with an email repeating this.

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