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Jane:  On Tuesday my 16 year old son was suspended at private school for inappropriate touching. He touched a girls rear end b/c he thought she liked him. She didn’t and told a friend who reported my son. I received a phone call today after 4 from the dean requesting that we come to a meeting at 8 on Monday.
The dean did not want to tell me what was going on but when I asked her if my son should come she said she could tell me over the phone but she didn’t want to. Then she said he couldn’t attend school there again at all and called it sexual harassment. My son did do this to another student once last year and we have and are addressing it with meds and treatment. He’s a great kid with a learning disabilities and an IEP but is an athlete and able to hold a job. I hate to see his high school years ruined by this.
It looks like they are skipping any kind of determination meeting or behavior plan and going straight to expulsion. I am floored and trying to get my thoughts together on what to say and do on Monday. Your thoughts are appreciated. He saw psychologist yesterday and will see him again on Monday. I am wondering if they can legally do this? What can I do to fight it?

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There are private school consultants who can work with you to possibly look at alternative school options for your son. I am not sure if you can fight this or just work with the school for another placement and a placement that can better address the behaviors. He does sound like a great kid with goals. Do you think he will thrive tat an all boys school (with ongoing counseling) and one that can better work with him. The issue of “touching” and especially at his age can become more problematic and cause legal issues for him later. I do think there are other school options.