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Tera: I live in Oregon. I have requested my sons school to test him for learning disabilities which they did and said they needed to retest due to attendance, which was a problem at the time, but that was two year’s ago and is no longer a problem but the school insists that they wont test because his attendance is bad. We are now at a new school and going through the same thing, they call me almost daily about his behavior and want me to attend meetings but continue to ignore my concerns. Please help Ive gone to the doctor they referred me to a psychologist who is going to test for autism spectrum disorder but nothing else. Please help I am beyond frustrated at this point. I dont know how to get him the help he needs.

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01/26/2017 1:57 pm

If you have not done so, send a written request for testing to the special ed director. If they say no, it should be in written form. If it is a no, you have the option of making a complaint to the state education agency. Your state parent training & information project can assist you. http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center