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Nancy: My son has an ASD and ADHD diagnosis and an IEP. However this year his behaviors are out of control and no one can figure out why? He had an FBA done and despite the districts efforts to assure me of his safety, he still managed to hurt himself and get a head injury that was bad enough I had to bring him to the ER! The team members not officially recommend a psychological evaluation. We, his parents, agree but who we want to do the evaluation doesn’t accept insurance. His therapist says the school will have to pay for it. HOW do we get them to do this? I am waiting to hear about a date for an emergency PPT and I already waived my 10 day rights. My son is a danger to himself in this school environment. PLEASE help.

  1. If you disagree with the school’s evaluation than you may request an outside evaluation at public expense (the school has to pay). YOu put the request in writing. The school will probably give you a list of places you can get the outside evaluation however you do not have to use any of the people on the list. At that point you may go out and get the evaluation however you may have to pay that person first and then present the receipt and evaluation to the school to get reimbursed. We did this and it cost $2000.00 about 10 years ago and the school did pay us back. THey also took the suggestions off of the evaluation and it really helped our son.

    • The school does not automatically have to pay. They can take you to court to prove their evaluation is sufficient. Parents need to be aware that just because the request it doesn’t mean they will get it.

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