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John:  Can someone give us some guidance? 10 year old diagnosed by MD with ADHD (mixed type) and Sensory Processing Disorder. Does not meet diagnosis for ASD yet presents with many elevated scores on ASR. Difficulty interpreting social cues and metaphorical language. Unable to take in verbal instructions unless broken down step by step. Copies assignments from white board into his notebook but when he gets home he has no idea what it means.. He needs special services (in our opinion) but school says he’s just “quirky” and “lazy”. He has no organizational abilities and if we did not bring him in for “study hall” to get one on one instruction every day he would be failing. 3rd grade, As and Bs; 4th grade, As and Bs. 5th grade, C’s and Ds.. How do we convince the team that he qualifies for IEP under OHI category? They argue that he “could” qualify” for a “limited” 504 plan that specifically addressed his ADHD issues, but since there is no other medical diagnosis (SPD is not a recognized disability), it would be very limited. What evidence do we need to bring back to the meeting next week to convince them that there is more going on than “quirky” and “lazy”. School says his IQ and Achievement levels rule out a learning disability qualification and he doesn’t qualify under autism. How do we show that his challenges are impinging on his education?

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