Don’t Let Congress Give Up on Kids with Learning Disabilities!

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The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) understands the desire to make ESEA/No Child Left Behind work for schools, teachers and students.

To ensure students with disabilities remain a priority, they have urged Congress to set academic performance targets, graduation goals and a requirement to improve instruction in struggling schools.

NCLD believes these Recommendations must be considered.

Debating ESEA Now: Current Bills Will Harm Students with LD

The House Education and the Workforce Committee passed H.R. 3989 (the Student Success Act) and H.R. 3990 (the Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act). The debate largely focused on the impact of the bills on how schools would focus on the achievement of students with disabilities and other disadvantaged students.

Ranking Member George Miller (D-CA), the Committee’s top Democrat, offered an amendment that would have enacted improvements to address deficiencies with current law, but would have secured strong yet appropriate accountability provisions for all students. NCLD signed with 30 other business, disability and civil rights groups favoring the replacement amendment. The bill is now eligible for consideration by the full House of Representatives which could happen in the next few weeks.

Call to Action from NCLD!  Tell Congress Not to Harm Kids with LD

Here’s your message. Contact Congress to voice your concern. Take Action Now!

Stay informed at NCLD – On Capitol Hill

  1. I agree, why should anyone limit the potential of any human being? No one knows what any person is capable of. The possibilities are limitless. We all are placed on this earth with a special gift to make a difference in the world. No one should limit that by placing restraints on what anyone is capable of.

  2. My son has an IQ of 134 but has learning disabilities. He certainly has the potential to contribute to society but he and we his parents can’t make this happen without support. Please we beg for yours.

  3. Someone please help our children! I believe that IDEA is a very good law. However, I believe there needs to be more accountability from state DOE’s and from the US DOE and OCR. Parents file complaints, Due Process if they can afford it, and very seldom do you hear of a good outcome for the child. Our state DOE’s and US DOE almost always favor the school district, never the child. There are far too many loop holes for school districts to wiggle through. Our children are paying the price. My children want to go to college and have successful careers, just like so many “normal” children. When will children with learning disabilities be treated equally? It all boils down to money. Please find a way to increase funding to schools, but impose significant fines on schools/states that fail to fully implement IDEA. Make them accountable!

  4. Please do NOT give up on our children. Our children need all the help they can get to become productive members of society.
    please do not forget them.

  5. Students with learning disabilities have the same right to an education and intellectual challenge as all students. In addition, we know that the work of learning disabled people has often led to original insights and significant technical innovation. If we restrict their access to education and take away the supports LD students need to achieve at the highest level, we will be taking away also some of our nation’s best opportunities for achievement.

  6. It’s difficult enough to get the proper help for our children. Please don’t make it worse. Let’s move forward and not backwards to create a better future for our children who need the extra help.

  7. IDEA is a good law, but there must be some real accountability. In my son’s case, I have had both the State Dept of Ed, and the Office of Civil rights find that my son’s IEP is not being followed, but since the law allows for so little accountability outside of Due Process (which we cannot afford), there is little I can do to any effect.

    With a real education, my son has the potential to have a real career, earn a decent wage, contribute to society and have a good life. Without it, he is likely to be a drain on social services and have a lower quality of life.

    We need strong laws to protect our children and to prevent their continued dependence on society when so many of them have more to offer.

    Please craft a law that provides education and accountability for students with disabilities.

  8. Please do what is right for children who learn differently that the masses. ADA, IDEA, FAPE all matter. We need accountability to ensure success. High expectations lead to high levels of performance. Who knows what these children will accomplish? Cure cancer, innovate the next great advance, world peace, … their potential is endless.

    • no child should be kicked out of school because they fall a few marks back this is being nasty. Please give the child a chance.

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