Do schools treat and discipline all children fairly? … OCR wants to know

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In your experience, do schools treat and discipline all children fairly?

* Are schools more likely to suspend or expel children with disabilities? Children of color?
* English language learners? Homeless kids?
* Should all children be able to attend safe schools and be educated in supportive classrooms?

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) wants to know what you think . . . and they are making it easier for you to provide information about how discipline works in pre-K through grade 12 schools.

OCR is asking teachers, students, parents, and other interested parties to submit written comments about what OCR can do to help schools …

* eliminate discrimination in discipline,
* deal with disparities, and
* improve school climate and safety.

Please help OCR by sharing your experiences, observations, and research in written comments.

Deadline to submit your comments: July 23, 2021

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