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Rebecca:  Am dealing with a very complex IEP that involves NPAs. Family is in agreement and ready to sign, pending input on a few issues from district case manager (just looking for clarification, all decisions have been made). Pending issues detailed and sent to district case manager (including initial request dates) and have asked to schedule a meeting to finalize and sign IEP, but case manager won’t answer emails. Neither will Assistant or Head of district Special Education. They also don’t return phone calls and avoid meeting face to face if we show up at the office.

District has no published communication policy.

Worst part, case manager is leaving for summer vacation in 2 days.

any suggestions?

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11/19/2019 2:05 pm

I am running into the same problem. The District refuses to accommodate my son, even with his Doctor’s orders. I held an IEP meeting and I provided my Parent Concerns in advance, in writing, with the Express request that my Parent Concerns be entered into the IEP, verbatim. The school did not add my parent concerns into the IEP, and now will not respond to emails or phone calls. I have been very civil and polite in all my communications, and they are completely unprofessional.

11/21/2019 1:34 pm
Reply to  Sarah

In situations like this, parents have a number of options. You can contact the district special ed director, if you have not; use the district complaint process; use the dispute resolution processes that IDEA gives parents. (state complaint, mediation, due process hearings). This website or your state parent training and information center can assist you in learning about these.

07/06/2016 9:43 pm

Before my district had a published communication policy, I asked my state ed department what to do about the kind of unresponsiveness you described. I was told the following: Send an email, wait three days, then write to the next person up in the chain of command, and so on, working your way up, if necessary, to the superintendent and then the Board of Ed. After that would come state ed. Remember, that was State Ed giving me that suggestion.

To use this approach it helps to keep notes of the dates of your emails so you can do your next-up-the-chain emails promptly at the three-day point.