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Lucy:  My grandson’s Resource Specialist is removing my grandson from the classroom and making him stand outside for at least 10 minutes because he is easily distracted and is not completing his work. My grandson says the work is too hard and he can not complete it. He is currently receiving an F in language arts and a D+ in Social Studies. He has a “504” plan with help in mathematics. My grandson said, he asked for help but the teacher removed him from the classroom. I am disappointed since she is a resource specialist. He has received two lunch time detentions for getting distracted in the classroom. Is that legal?

  1. Lucy, I would suggest that you request information on an OHI IEP (other health impaired) from the school. Then take this to your physician to see if your grandson may be ADHD which qualifies for OHI. Take the paperwork back and request a meeting. The behavior can be addressed on the IEP as well as academic goals to help with these issues. I cannot believe any child is so difficult at this young age they have to stand in the hallway for 10 minutes and have their lunch taken away. I would jump on this right away because what is happening to your grandson is so negative it may start him on the wrong track to many self esteem issues for no reason. Try to find an advocate to help.

  2. Lucy, sometimes, we need more info about a child or a situation before we can answer questions. How old is your grandson? Does he live with you? Are you his guardian?

    Your answers to these questions may help us answer your questions. Thanks.

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