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Aziza:  my son is 8 and had adhd. at school he is on 504 and he brought warning letter every day. they put lot of pressure on us and im tired of it. he told me his teacher is mistreating him and she let others laugh at him. i met the school counseler but she is not helping at all and now again he never plays recess because he loses points because of excessive talking. so my question is the teacher, can punish for why he have adhd?

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12/20/2015 5:28 pm

You must get an IEP or a 504 plan for your son, stating that recess must not be denied. (You and an independent evaluator will explain that his academic performance and behavior suffer when he is denied recess.)
Temporary fix: sign your son out of school at the beginning of recess. Play with him during recess and then sign him back in. You may use the school playground eventually, but start by going for a walk with him. After about a week, when they’re used to that, try using the playground for the second half of recess. When they’ve swallowed that, then you can go straight to the playground after signing him out. They won’t like it, but your son will get the outside play time he needs (while you are working on the IEP or 504).

12/30/2015 4:40 pm

Please take a look at the articles and resources on the PE page. https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/pe.index.htm
You’ll find information about the importance of physical activity and recess for kids – especially those with ADHD. Read the policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics about the Crucial Role of Recess in School. You might want to make copies to share when you meet with the school (or for the school counselor) to discuss revising the current plan which is not working for your child.