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Jackie:  My kid was accepted to a private school for this fall as long as she received math tutoring. I had told the school she was dyslexic. She was accepted in May 2016. Today I receive a phone call from the vice principal that I need attend a meeting regarding my kids acceptance to the school because they are concerned! I have a meeting Friday. I asked The vice principal if her acceptance letter was being revoked , she said I don’t know. You will have better answers at the meeting.can a private school do this? School starts 8/8/16! I already bought my kids school supplies, uniforms etc. thanks

  1. Love the school that wants your child to succeed and actually “wants” your child to attend the school. They simply may not have the support at the level that your child needs. Children know when they are not learning. Find a good “fit” for your child at another school if they are revoking the acceptance. If they are not revoking the acceptance, then will your child receive the necessary support and make progress and who is going to monitor that progress at that school?

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