Could the School Want to Limit My Contact with My Child?

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I have a 3 year old daughter diagnosed with ASD. The principal requested that I meet with her and my daughter’s special needs teacher to discuss school policy about dropping off my daughter, assisting her with putting her things away, and picking her up each day.

I am concerned the principal wants to limit my contact with my daughter.

There are several reasons why school staff believe they have to limit parental contact.

  • Sometimes, they think parents are over-protective, so the child won’t learn to do things for herself.

Some parents are over-involved – “helicopter parents” are always hovering.

  • Some teachers complain that parents are a distraction in the classroom.

It sounds like your situation is different.

Your child is only three years old. She has been diagnosed with ASD so you probably worry even more than most parents – and parents are famous for worrying.

Try to help the teacher understand your concerns about your daughter – that since she is diagnosed with ASD, you want to make sure she’s okay. This is normal protective parent behavior.

If you don’t get a positive response from this teacher, maybe your child will have a different teacher next year.

Try to get off on the right foot with the new teacher at the beginning of the year by writing a description of your daughter, her needs, strengths, weaknesses, your concerns – and offer to help.

Here is a 2-part article with great suggestions for parent-teacher team building.

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  1. I have a question. My son is 14, on an IEP. He is on the spectrum. He has a new teacher this year, is often overwhelmed and they are not implementing the IEP. We are supposed to have (another) staffing IEP to work on communication between the teacher and my child. Until then, I have asked the school to allow my son to call home anytime he feels he is overwhelmed. I am able to talk him through it, and help him find ways to stay in class. However, they keep denying him the ability to call me. They state that he will be in 9th grade and needs to learn not to call Mom when he is in high school. Is this legal? It is creating bigger issues for him.

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