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Mack:  We have a program called “Educators Handbook” that we use for discipline at our school. Is there anything illegal (from a FERPA or HIPPA standpoint) about teachers getting discipline notifications about students under their supervision? I.e. if a teacher requests notifications for their student athletes when they are suspended (ISS or OSS) and they have an IEP, is the information used in the referral confidential?

  1. Why don’t you give us a link to the handbook itself (you could scan if necessary) or type up the relevant paragraph? I didn’t completely understand.

    FERPA is not hard to read — I’ll encourage you to give it a try.

    The basic idea of FERPA is that your child’s privacy is protected. However, school employees, who are obligated to protect your child’s privacy with respect to non-school employees, will obviously need information about your child’s educational record in order to educate him or her.

    That’s the general idea.

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