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Vanessa: Can I request a different IEP Case Manager (Special EducationTeacher).  I don’t want placement changed, just the TEACHER WHO BULLIES MY CHILD.

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03/04/2020 10:37 pm

I am being told by the AP at my sons HS that he doesn’t have a case manager and his resource room teachers only responsibility is to write his iep and retract him material. She may sign his IEP goals report but a case mangers responsibilities are not the same as one on the junior high level therefore she is not responsible for communicating with his teachers, she is not the main contact and his teachers don’t have to notify her or communicate with her because it’s high school not jr high? What are a case managers responsibilities on the high school level and who is the case manager?

03/05/2020 2:28 pm
Reply to  Julie

Case manager is not a concept in IDEA rules. Your state may have this position in their rules. The basic issue is whether the school is addressing his needs & providing FAPE. You may need to get information & guidance from your state parent training and information center.

09/17/2019 9:09 am

Last school year, my childcare manager only contacted me once through the school year and that was to sign the paperwork for his IEP. I have been told by other people that this teacher isn’t even qualified to be an IEP case manager. How do I find out if this is true?

03/21/2019 11:41 pm

How do I find out who my IEP case manager is? I called the school to ask and they said that there is no assigned case worker and that those are pretty rare? But I read online that if you have an active IEP that there is a case worker and it should be listed on your paperwork. I have read my paperwork and I don’t see a case worker listed anywhere. Any direction would be really appreciated 🙂

03/25/2019 6:55 am
Reply to  Laurie

The case manager should either be the person listed as the special educator or local educational agency (LE) representative. Contact that person.

Jill G
02/20/2016 12:11 pm

Vanessa –

You can always request a change. But personnel decisions are generally left to the discretion of the school.

02/22/2016 10:32 pm
Reply to  Jill G

I was hoping you could help me in what I can do if the school is not helpful. I was told i can file a complaint with EEOC. Its is complicated because the teacher is also the IEP case manager. My son is so upset hates school crying. I am worried for his emotional wellbeing.

05/24/2016 5:36 pm
Reply to  vanessa

I’m having the same problem with my son, he is in high school and refused to go to his intervention class because of the teacher, and he is on a IEP and I asked the principal if we could put him in another class she she said the IEP was done so he was stuck in ISA everyday ( in school suspension) and he failed the math class because he said the teacher picked on him and nobody did anything

12/11/2017 1:39 am
Reply to  Trea

Get an advocate and call for another IEP