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Jackie:  1. Can a dr write a 504 plan?
2. If my child diagnosed dyslexia by private tester, but I don’t have a 504 or IEP plan can a public or charter school deny me accommodations?

  1. Our charter school has a form for the 504 plan that must be filled out by a doctor. Silly, it seems, since it was not the doctor that diagnosed my child’s learning disorder. So, we took the report from the assessment to the pediatrician, who copied some of the details and included, “Please see report from [name of provider] for more detail regarding necessary accommodations.” We gave the 504 form and a copy of the report/diagnosis to the school. After that, we schedule a meeting with the teacher, the school representative for IEPs/504s, and discuss the accommodations needed and how the school will provide them. Long process, but worth it – especially when it’s time for standardized testing or lengthy assignments.

  2. Jackie: Your doctor may be able to assist you in drafting a plan by …
    “…providing a full list of the accommodations and interventions that your child needs in the course of the day. Put these together in the form of a medical management plan or health care plan. Use this plan as the basis of accommodating your child.”

    The two articles below describe how one mother accomplished this.



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