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Education News Parents Can UseEducation News Parents Can Use Broadcast Tuesday night, September 15, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET, will feature Secretary Duncan in a special town hall meeting, subtitled “America Goes Back to School.”

Call the show during the live broadcast. Here’s how…

During the “town hall meeting” the Secretary will engage in a live, interactive discussion via telephone, email, and video.

To contribute to the discussion:

call the show during the live broadcast, at 1-888-493-9382, between 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET.

Since May, the Secretary has been traveling throughout the country to engage a broad group of stakeholders — including parents — in an open and honest conversation about federal education policy in anticipation of the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act.

He has met with hundreds of students, parents, teachers, principals, education support staff, superintendents, professors, higher education administrators, and community leaders during his tour: “Listening and Learning: A Conversation About Education Reform”.

More information at

More resources and information has an extensive list of web sites with links that provide resources for students, parents, and educators in preparation for returning to school in the fall. (

Find statistics on students, teachers, and learning, as well as data concerning back to school shopping, lunchtime, and the rewards of staying in school (with an advanced degree, the average annual earnings of workers 18 and older in 2007 was $80,977; with a bachelor’s degree, $57,181; with only a high school diploma, $31,286; and without a diploma, $21,484).

Census Bureau’s annual Back to School feature at

  1. I am a grandfather that’s raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I need to know the law on pre-school children having to attend school. My grandson just turned three years old. What are the current laws on pre- kindergardners having to attend school. I would appreciate someone knowledgeable on this subject to bring me up to date.


  2. My son has adhd. meds. aren’t working, and has been labled a bully by the school. He has been suspended twice already for bad behavior. He does not respect his parents authority or the schools. The school is questioning filing a CHINS (child in need of services). This is a process I’ve read up on, but I’m not convinced it is the correct way to handle the situation. I don’t know enough about using this process of a CHINS, I don’t want my son taken away from me. My husband and I both love our son and have been doing all we can to bring him up to be a good person. But, something made my son angry inside. And refused to go to counseling in the past, but he has a new counselor’s appointment this week. He is only twelve years old. I feel like he’s slipping away from me. I need some advice. Can you help us? Thank you.

  3. My husband and I realized that our school district was not going to give our teen the help he was entitled to under IDEA law. I became curious and searched the net for data of how many students in our son’s high school were evaluated in and found “eligible” for special ed. However, for this info, I had to go to the administrative office, give id,fill out the form and wait.

    Of my son’s entire high school, NONE were evaluated. No students under IDEA were reevaluated. As a matter of fact , out of all four high schools, only one did any evaluating. It had evaluated four students.

    Title I required schools to find,evaluate, and etc… ALL students, even ones in private schools. THEY AREN’T LOOKIN’!

    Retaliation against my very ill son. They took away homebound!

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