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Leslie: I’m stumped. I have been dealing with a rude, unprofessional teacher for three years. I discovered her when my son developed anxiety. She makes it difficult for me to see my son’s quizzes & tests. She rolls her eyes. Flips her hair at me. She calls my Asperger son “lazy”, ” he’s not trying”. I have spoke to his special needs case manager, vice principal, the teacher and I spoke to the personnel manager. The results: another staff person to be included during communications. This is not helpful. Whenever there is a problem they ignore or minimize the intent. This teacher has made inappropriate comments and gestures while being observed by monitors. The results: I am told that the teacher will be spoken to. Her behavior is not better. I have asked about consequences and I have been told that is part of her personnel file. And that it is not to be discussed. What else can I do?…

  1. Same thing here with my son. The teacher makes inappropriate comments saying my child will never amount to anything and that I need to prepare for that. She also said all he will be is a bagger at a market. The principal just laughs and said he agrees with her. This is so wrong but I do not know where to start.

  2. Oh boy this teacher is rude and unprofessional. I would go to the principal and request for your son to be transferred into another classroom.

  3. I would suggest that you go to the principal and, If you still are not satisfied, contact Pupil Personnel Services. Another possibility is to find a special education advocate in your area to assist in your quest for a positive solution. You might also try writing a letter and read From Emotions to Advocacy.

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