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Tricia: Principal and staff bullying Hf/ASD adhd middle school child. antagonizing, triggering, continuous stacking of discipline, locking student out of class, teacher won’t talk to my son. cant ask ?’s, bullying parents w/ truancy we kept him home pending meeting. Failure to update 3 yr old 504 ,refusal to acknowledge ASD diagnosis. Keeping him out of class at end of hall for several hours a day unsupervised. principal triggered emotional hubby into cursing, now he is banned from all schools in district not allowing him to enter act with our daughters school experiences.no report on his physical contact with me. Clearly heard on recording,Sped director says the are in violation. No change. What can I do?

  1. My child is currently attending a Charter School independent of the district. School is doing everything to make our lives miserable. They refuse to follow IEP. They make changes without notice or a meeting. He is belittled by teachers. Even the students are excluding him. I really think they want us out. He has been in several schools and I do not want him back in the public schools. They have barred advocates and attorneys from attending IEP meetings. Their self contained room has no peer interaction. They don’t even have lunch with peers. That’s where they want to place him. I flat out said no. Now they have him working in a storage closet by himself. What needs to be my next step.

  2. My 11 year old has ADHD and autism spectrum disorder and she has a crisis stabilizer that helps her at school when she has a crisis and even when she dose not. There is a teacher at her school that has a issue with her disorders and every time my child has a crisis she involves herself in the crisis and escalates the situation. This last time the teacher agitated my child and my child spit at her and the teacher spit back and told her that if she spits on her she will spit back she then told my child she was glad she wasn’t her mother which agitated my daughter more and my daughter hit the teacher and the teacher still didn’t walk away she hit my daughter on the side of her face and had a fight with her kicking and all and she is still at the school no help from school board or police.

  3. Frankly, Tricia, mother to mother, if I were you, I would take my child out of school for a month, announce that I am going to homeschool, and let everybody calm down a bit. (You can put him back in school at any time, and you have a certain number of days of grace period before you have to file your homeschooling plan with the district.)
    When you’re ready to go back in the ring, make sure you have an independent evaluator making the statements in meetings, not you. Often, a district can’t, or won’t, listen to the person who knows the most about the child’s needs — the parents.

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