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Charlotte:  Filed a complaint against school personal for allowing Autistic child to be harmed emotionally and physically by other students. Investigation was done by school officials. They stated Child’s rights were not violated even though this abuse continued for three months. They did offer sensitivity training for all staff and students as well as my child an aide. I ask for a male aide for MALE ONLY areas of the school. They refused and said staff on hand could take care of these areas. The same staff that stood by and let it continue before. Are they required to educate my child at home until we can get these issues resolved ?

  1. What kind of complaint did you file? You may want to consider filing a police report and requesting an order of protection. You may also want to consider talking to your Human Rights Commission. Also, it’s possible a special ed attorney in your area would feel your case is strong enough to take without guarantee of payment. It can’t hurt to ask!

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