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Noelle: My daughter is in 11th grade by age. She is in her fourth school placement in four years. She started in regular high school special ed, went to day treatment, went to an autism specific school, and is now in another highly recommended day treatment school. She refuses to do any work. She says it’s stupid and boring and sees no value in school. She’s very smart if the subject interests her. She is very physically aggressive when told no and acts out hitting, kicking, and biting staff. She leaves class without permission constantly. I’m at a loss. She would be happiest if I left her alone to play with her phone or play online games. Taking away her electronics does not help motivate her to do her work. Offering rewards does not help get her to do her work.

  1. Tough situation. I have three ideas for you. One, have you observed her classes, to find out whether she is right, that they are hopelessly boring? If they aren’t, perhaps she does not have enough supports to be successful. If they are, perhaps she is not in a good fit placement. Second idea, have you given cognitive therapy a try? It can be a challenge to find the right therapist, but it is really worth it. Third, the right to play with electronics was not on the children’s bill of rights last time I checked. I would remove ALL electronics for the time being. (Do not expect instant results.)

    • you just described my son .iam in your shoes he lost his motivation for learning he also has adhd but his behavior stands out more when he has to deal with teachers or school ..I truly need help

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