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Melissa:  If the school does not follow the BIP, train the staff that is in contact with he student, and focuses on punching the student, what can I do? Also the Special Ed teacher said, the student was not on proper medication and therefore was getting write ups.

  1. Help!!!!!! My child has a BIP and teacher will not follow it. She just puts him the closet when he acts out. I asked her about why she does not follow his plan and she responded.No, I don’t follow the BSP. I’m too busy and frankly, it’s not my job. What is her problem?

    • “I’m too busy and frankly, it’s not my job” may be code for an overwhelmed teacher with no classroom support to implement the BIP. A teacher, trying to supervise a classroom, cannot implement the BIP takes a team probably including a trained para and a case worker (special ed teacher). That is the core issue for many teachers who have too many IEPS to implement in the classroom with little or no support. They cannot do it all alone. Success occurs when the team works together to implement with fidelity plans and goals. I would ask her what support does she need to implement this BIP as it is key to your child’s progress. Work with her and more work with your principal and advocate above her head. This teacher is acting out by putting the child in the closet-so wrong and abuse.

  2. Great answer from Chuck.

    Additionally: Frankly, Melissa, if the child has been hit, repeatedly, I would file a police report.

    Re medication: I’m all in favor of using medication judiciously to support the child’s well-being and success in school. This requires good teamwork (staff, parent, child’s doctor). But please keep in mind that the school needs to plan for how to work with an unmedicated child. They cannot predicate positive behavioral supports on the assumption that the child will be medicated. Also, the special ed teacher is welcome to share her non-expert opinion, politely and respectfully, but choice of medication is a medical decision.

  3. Not following a BIP is the basis for using one of the dispute resolution processes (complaint to state ed agency; request for mediation; or request for a due process hearing). I suggest first discussing this situation with the principal & special ed director, if you have not already done so. Also your state parent training & information project can assist you.

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