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Sonya:  Our child has been in the same school for 3 years. Currently she is experiencing severe sensory issues and has aggressive behavior when her sensory limit is reached. But calms with OT/sensory input. She chews ice most of the day. She has bitten before but has never inflicted major harm or had any consequence at school. Several months ago she bit and broke the skin (I suspect because of lack of training on how to handle the situation). Then at her behavior intervention plan meeting they told us we should visit an autism self contained school for next year. Just recently she bit her SPEC ED teacher with no visible harm and was suspended again. What should we be doing?

  1. Sonya –

    I concur with Chuck that the school should try to meet her needs in the current placement before suggesting a more restrictive one.

    You mention a behavior plan, so I’m assuming a functional behavioral assessment was done at some point? If not, ask that they complete one now. If one was done and you don’t agree with the outcome, you can ask for one at public expense (like any other evaluation you disagree with).

    You also mention that you believe sensory issues to be at the heart of her behavior. You may also want to request an evaluation addressing these issues be completed, if one hasn’t been done recently.

    I would also suggest that you do visit that classroom, with a pen in hand and an open mind. You always want to keep an eye to the future. In case you ever end up in a due process hearing, you want to to be able to show the hearing officer that you’re a willing participant in the special ed process.

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