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Tee: My son has been having some behavioral issues, he is 6. These behaviors are only occurring at school. the school is refusing to educate him and wants to provide only 2hrs of instruction for him at the end of the school day from 3-5. He is currently being tutored in the school from 9-11am, and there is no issues thus far.

he’s been evaluated, diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder recommending a 504 be done to provide assistance while in school. However, the school provided a report and the dr. changed the diagnosis to ADHD among other things.

The principal has been allowing staff to record my son during his meltdowns on a couple of occasions and the unprofessionalism goes on. She has meetings and makes decisions without me being there, then calls me to tell me what they are going to do, and says the information will be in the mail. Please advise. As of Monday 11/28 he will have no where to go.

I tried getting him into a school to assist with his behaviors and because I work and don’t have Medicaid, transportation does not take private insurance!! I’m hitting a brick wall!! PLEASE HELP!

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My son also has a 504 plan and has a diagnosis of Explosive disorder. School refuses to help or follow his 504 plan and Behavioral Intervention Plan. Teacher removes him from the room to a tiny storage closet. This is so she can teach the other kids. Principal keeps suspending him and won’t hold a determination meeting. They keep doing ISS or OSS and its not working. They do not care about my son at all and have said to me that he will not amount to anything. I maintain he is teachable but they just scoff at me. Changed his 504 and placement setting without speaking to me. He will now be in a behavioral classroom. i want him mainstreamed so he can be around non-disabled peers. School refuses to meet with or change his placement back. Please help!


You can request in writing that the district test him for special ed services. All of the things you list show that what they are doing is not working. Services thru special ed will give you and your child more rights and options. If they will not test him, you can file a complaint with the special ed dept. of the state department of education. Your state parent training and information center can assist you in understand these processes and your options.


Also, Get copies of these videos. Of every video they took without your permission. Are they done by a teachers private cell, where it could be uploaded to private storage and possibly disbursed, or a school owned camera, that NEVER leaves the school property. Get in writing the DISTRICT policy on recording your child in the middle of a meltdown, on a teachers private cell phone ( my child used to strip naked durning melt downs, so I would have major issues with this) I dont know about your state, but with some DX, you can get medicaid as a secondary insurance to help with copays and therapys. you should look into this. Did the school do a Functional behavior plan with your child? Your child SHOULD have an IEP as well as his behaviors are affecting his learning.


This sounds interesting. In some school districts, the only way a parent can get help is if an ambulance is called to the school for such a child (when the child is out of control) and then it becomes more of a psyche evaluation issue. This is a tactic for both school and sometimes parent. I am not sure what your principal is doing (or documenting) but your child needs an advocate. It seems that the principal is keeping him away from other kids for safety reasons and if so, she is carefully creating a strong paper trail. This is the time when you should contact your local parent training center as Chuck suggested. Also, you must learn to navigate a system. Become also an expert as you lean on others.


You should ask for a special education evaluation in writing. Your state parent training & information center can assist you with navigating state & federal rules & getting help for your child.