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Nicole:  If I as parent want my son to have an abbreviated day and leave at 12 each day is that possible? I think he gets exhausted and I could teach the 2 or 3 days a week he is allowed to leave early. He is dagnosed with Autism and is 8. He has an IEP and a BIP. He has had lots of refusals for elective classes, lunch, recess. Refusing to go. No idea why. Is there an option where special ed kids can do both home and school district learning? Thank you.

  1. My son had the same issue. I called for an IEP meeting requesting for a shortened day/late start and picked up homebound instructions for 2 subjects. I had a Psychiatrist note to justify this. I also had to justify that my son is not capable of receiving a FAPE on a Full Day Schedule. My son also has autism (high functioning), concrete, black and white, very rigid thinking process. In his mind, he can only handle attending school on Abbreviated School Day. The school may give you resistance & you need to strongly advocate for him (leaving early will now require for new busing and they will be required to provide home instructions), thus tapping into the school’s budget. Schools shy away when it involves budget. 🙂 I suggest you read the PRISE book too before attending an IEP meeting.

    • What is PRISE ? I also want to request short day for my son. Just like your son, he is also very rigid, back and white thinking and has several sensory issues. He can get very upset and aggressive with transitions. On top, he has fine motor deficits, feeding issues and severe expressive and receptive speech problems. He also lacks executive functioning skills. I will pick him up from school and drop him. How can I get shorter days for my son? He is enrolled Ot, speech (1 hour/ week) and Aba therapy (10 hours) outside of school.

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