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Christina: I attended an IEP meeting this week and I recorded the meeting. I gave the school 5 days notice and laid the recorder in the middle of the table. The school counselor came in the middle of the meeting. The first thing he said was that he didn’t have time to be there. He said a lot of inappropriate things. The Sped Director attended. His comments made her jaw clench. Then he saw the recorder and made a big deal about it because the school didn’t warn him I was recording the meeting. What worries me is the counselor’s statements and demeanor before discovering the recorder. He was out of control. I feel like my kid would be better of not receiving services. I truly feel like he could hurt someone.

  1. What state are you in?
    Depending on the law this guy could potentially cause issues. Some states require only one party to be aware of the recording (I still giggle at this duh of course I know I’m recording!) but check your state. Frankly I would assume you would have a strong argument if he does have a tizzy as you were not hiding anything.
    I WOULD request that he does not contact with your son and why. And personally I would use the recording to insist the district have him evaluated.

  2. You did nothing wrong. Your child deserves the services that he’s supposed to get . You have evidence of inappropriate behaviour . If anything this evidence will make certain people behave in the future.

  3. You did not do anything wrong so don’t offer to have any services removed. Instead use the evidence you got to get a different person to accommodate your child’s services.

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