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Tricia:  ADHD freshman, cant seem to get most of the facility at school to understand why I need a break down of what he is doing, when its due. “He is old enough to do that for himself” is the consensus. For misbehavior he is on probation, poor grades are a violation. I need cooperation!! Suggestions, yes he has IEP.

  1. Tricia –

    I would suggest that you have your son re-evaluated.

    If you are able, arrange for a quality independent evaluation. Make sure that it includes an observation of him in school, teacher input, and a records review, and that the report includes clear and specific recommendations. It should most definitely include a behavioral piece, as you indicated an issue. It should also include a transition component.

    If you are not able, ask the school to reevaluate. Then you can exercise your right to an independent evaluation at public expense, if need be.

    With evaluation results in hand, you’ll be able to better advocate for your son’s needs. Pick there areas that are most important to him and you, and that are supported by the eval results. Ask that the Team revise the IEP based on this new information, and revise (or create) a behavior plan. And advocate, advocate, advocate!

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