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Laurie:  My son has and IEP for LD, Speech/Language and OHI. He has listed oral presentation as an accommodation and also has an independent functioning goal. The school is stating that they CAN NOT read any test questions to him unless he physically states ” I need you to read me this entire test.” He is in the third grade and has a hard time asking for this. Can they legally require him to ask and refuse to read it if he does not ask?

  1. I am experiencing the same thing with my 3rd Grader. His IEP states that he should be getting oral support on tests that are not reading. His teacher makes him ask for help on math and science MAPS test questions, then she will tell him he could probably read it himself, so he does and then doesn’t ask for any more help. When I ask her about it, she will then let him re-take the test with support from the learning specialist. It isn’t fair to him that he has to take the test twice. I found this on a previous question that may help:

  2. If an accommodation is listed in a student’s IEP, that accommodation needs to be provided to the student. Period. End of story. There should be no mucking about waiting for the student to ask for assistance. If an accommodation is listed in an IEP that means the school district recognizes that it is necessary. When a district fails to provide a necessary accommodation (even if the student hasn’t asked for it) they are not in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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