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Janet:  Help,please. I needs some ideas before Fri. My son is 2e, struggles with organization and time. Late most days. Last year I turned the hot water off every morning afer 15 min. This year I am am not going to be his time keeper. I got hm an alam. He wakes up on time, just stays in the shower for ever. I also go him a baking timer that he will not use. Any good goals and accommodations you can think of. For time management,a organization.

  1. Well, it’s probably after Friday by now — and I’m not sure what the significance of Friday was. Also, I don’t see the relevance of your problem to school. However, I did want to give my two cents about the basic problem you’re facing. I face it too. Some children’s brains mature more slowly than average, and it can really drive a parent nuts! But while the child’s internal manager is not functioning well, someone else needs to step in to help manage…. Now, if you want accommodations for school, take a look at this:

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