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Cadie:  What is the definition of ‘small group testing’ as an IEP accommodation? I have heard that it should be 8 or less students tested in a separate area, but cannot find any confirmation of that. Our school administrator thinks it is acceptable to push the kids to the corner of the regular ed classroom for small group testing. (A small classroom packed with 30 students)

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I am really struggling to understand how the IEP process works at the career center in Ohio. He is in fire service training and it is difficult to get info. He is not doing well on the tests, which is typical for him but at the high school he can do test corrections for partial credit. They don’t allow that at the career center to my knowledge. They say that because it is a state run program, they can’t give certain accommodations. I also wondered about taking the state fire test and emt test. They said accommodations cannot be honored for those either because of the type of program this is. I guess I am just really confused about what is and isn’t required of the schools. Do you think you could shed some light on that?


Is the career center part of the public school? If so, you can ask this question to the district special education office. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should apply to this testing. Your stat parent training and information center should be able to assist you or point you to someone who can.


Shannon – Things get really complicated (for me anyway) in Ohio when we start working with Opportunities for Ohioans (OOD) and local career centers. It’s mandated in Ohio that transitioning students on IEP’s are referred to OOD for career planning etc. The VocHab coordinators from OOD that are supposed to work with transition coordinators at the CC and the student to develop their (wait for it…) IPE. (Individualized Plan for Employment.) If he’s receiving services from your County Board of DD then your SSA should also be involved. If your son is still in high school taking “College Tech Prep” classes at the CC he should still be able to receive IEP accommodations at the CC. Call them and ask their “Transition Coordinator” to request accommodations, even if he’s already graduated.


Your state education agency may have a definition or guideline on this accommodation. Your state parent training & information project may be able to assist you.