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Angela:  I have a student who received a diagnosis of dyslexia over winter break and upon returning to school her mother said she would be absent for half the school day, every day for the next four to six weeks for therapy from the diagnosing facility. My question is by the time the child gets here, they are in specials (PE, Art, etc.) and recess and there is very little time left to complete the nearly 60 minutes required for her IEP each day. Am I out of compliance if they parent pulls their child from school for this?

  1. I got an IEP Pullout for an absence in 8th grade. I don’t know what it is. It was during 1st period technology. I never left class that day or had anything happen. It was kind of around finals but I don’t know what that even is. So if anyone could tell me that’d be great. Ty.

  2. Morning is right. We have represented several students who receive intensive tutoring / remediation during part of the school day because the school does not provide this service. Without intensive tutoring, many children will never learn to read, write, spell, do math at an appropriate and necessary level.

  3. I am assuming that the same type of “therapy” from the diagnosing facility is not also available through the IEP services at school. If that is correct, the mother is only doing what she can do to “save” her child in terms of providing reading remediation and getting him on track. If the child is in middle school (as you will see from the blog), some parents report that their kids are taken out of specials for IEP pull-out services. I think the question is what do you provide that will complement the “therapy” from the diagnosing facility to help remediate the child. Is it helping the child make progress and implemented with fidelity.

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