74% of VA Schools Meet AYP Benchmarks

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We’ve been blogging about AYP lately. Here’s the just released AYP ratings for VA – (Wrightslaw is headquartered here).

Virginia and 74 percent of the commonwealth’s public schools met or exceeded all No Child Left Behind (NCLB) objectives during the 2007-2008 school year as student achievement increased on Standards of Learning and other statewide tests in reading, mathematics and other subjects.

Despite the higher AYP hurdles, 1,355, or 74 percent, of the commonwealth’s 1,837 public schools met or exceeded all objectives in reading, mathematics and other indicators of academic progress, which was the same percentage as in 2006-2007.

Adequate Yearly Progress for Virginia Public Schools

Made AYP Did Not Make AYP To Be Determined Total

Read the complete report on Student Achievement Data.


AYP ratings and student achievement data for all Virginia public schools and school divisions are available in the Virginia School Report Card section of the Virginia Department of Education Web site.

VA also recently updated information on “Accountability and Virginia Public Schools.

State school accreditation ratings, which also are based on student achievement on statewide assessments, will be released by the Virginia Department of Education later this month.

Read more about NCLB: Measuring Adequate Yearly Progress

To find your state’s AYP ratings go to your state Department of Education website. http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/help/seas.htm

  1. Personally, I think some of the schools are getting better at ways to get their test scores higher. Not necessarely educating the kids any better.

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