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Carrence:  I have an 9 yr old HFA in private school in Florida on McKay. We decided to change schools at the end of the school year because the school was teaching him below grade level for the last 3 years and never once advised of this during 4 meetings regarding our concern that his A/B honor roll status was not lining up with our home efforts to assist with his retention and learning. The private school elected over to not accept public school services. We were advised due to this he would no longer receive an annual service plan by the school board. This has created a huge dilemma trying to get him into a new school because he hasn’t had an evaluation to assess his needs in 4 years. They do not know if they can accommodate his needs. I was advised in May that he could receive a revaluation but they couldn’t provide one until school started back because their psychologist has retired and school is out. I’ve never been contacted to have a reevaluation completed in the 3 year requirement. Would we be entitled to a IEE due to this? The psychologist is in another area and advised they violated his rights and FAPE and should pay for his services. We’re getting the run around with people on vacation and the above listed issues. We cannot get him into a school before school starts and not even public schools because no one knows where he’s at on the spectrum at this point. Can I get them to pay for the IEE and has his rights been violated?

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Can you clarify why you cannot get him into a public school? A public school cannot deny entrance — I don’t think so and under these circumstances they would admit and then evaluate. Many children enter public schools with undiagnosed needs. There is a process for assessment and evaluation in the public schools. Do you want an assessment before he goes to public school? Is that what you are saying in order for the public school to service him? An assessment would be great but the public school should not deny entrance.