2013 Top Ten Signs of Special Ed Advocate Burn Out

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Subtitle: Why you may need a trip to a COPAA conference to relax.

1.    You thought the OSEP’s MOU on NCLB’s AYP came from CDC and was about another STD.

2.    You are were actually able to follow #1.

3.    You asked the Advocate Committee to research OCR guidance on the impact of the Albuquerque’s 5000 ft altitude on blood alcohol levels.

4.    At the last IEP meeting, you mentioned a potato launcher was indeed an assistive technology device and you could request in-home training for it.

5.    You requested an IEE for a service animal, but the schools district attorney submitted a brief stating IEE’s only applied to two legged mammals………( true story).

6.    You started misquoting Tolstoy at the last IEP meeting by stating An IEP is an allegory, a due process is a story.

7.    You realize trees only hit cars in self defense when driving too fast to IEP meetings.

8.    You heard a special ed director who retired after 40 years mention, Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jets engines.

9.    Prior to an IEP meeting, you found the campus motto in Latin actually translated into Our minimum is our maximum.

10.    You are still trying to figure out the correct number of vowels in the conference city name…….(Alba-kirk-kee?)……and you still can’t find the answer on the Wrightslaw website


It is recommended if you have experienced one or more the above symptoms, you may need a COPAA conference to unwind and relax.

Are you a member of COPAA?  Find out more!

Hat tip one of our favorite Texas advocates! You will find more of his humor on The Lighter Side

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