10 Signs of Special Ed Advocate Burnout – Spring 2011

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One of our favorite Texas advocates comes through again with a “Top 10” for the 2011 semester.

As the end of the semester rolls around, there are certain signs, one may observe, that may be indications of special ed advocate burnout.

Ten Possible Signs of End of the Semester Special Ed Advocate Burnout

1. The advocate is heard mumbling at an IEP meeting , ” No, really, I am protected by the Endangered Species Act. ”

2. The advocate, after reading the latest OSEP policy guidance letter , learns Budweiser is not an In Home Training related service.

3. When you call the advocate’s cell phone, you get a message the advocate is still at the San Antonio COPAA conference.

4. You find out that your advocate is really still at the San Antonio COPAA conference.

5. You read the advocate’s blog that it really does not matter how you spell IEP as long as you…

5. You read the advocate’s blog that it really does not matter how you spell IEP as long as you get 2 out of the 3 letters , 75% of the time, in 6 out of 10 trials, with only verbal prompts.

6. The advocate is looking forward to Prior Written Notice as why the proposed AT devices of motorized ice cream holder, yodel meter and inflatable BIP data collector were turned down by the IEP team.

7. The advocate is using the Mayan calendar to interpret data from the FBA.

8. The advocate uses the special ed director’s astrological sign as part of the FIE.

9. The advocate begins to mingle Wrightslaw books with Mao, “Special Education Law, My Little Red Book”.

10. The advocate is offered ESY by the district to avoid further regression.

  1. Sue,
    I don’t think that the District is taxing you. They have made the logical decision that – since the IDEA has no punishments – they might as well reduce services until the parents take them to court. If they win enough cases – and probably not that many – then they still come out ahead. This is sick unless you remember that all that Special Education managers are graded on is how well they balance their budget.

  2. Sue,

    Our school district made numerous “proposals” to discontinue services but they can not make a unilateral change in placement without parents signature. At least in our district at that time. The SPED and their attorney were very well versed in their proposal but we refused to sign without having Prior Written Notice.

    Prior Written Notice would have explained how my son had been cured as well as provide documentation of all of the research that supports this Public Educational Miracle.

  3. Sadly, in our neck of the woods, advocates’ days appear to be numbered. We just lost our son’s placement using a great advocate that we’ve had success with for years. So did an acquaintance – he lost his son’s placement albeit using a different advocate. We all underestimated the public school machine – attorneys are now the order of the day.

    Personally, I think the p.s. goal is to make us pay- in money and time – for having a child with a disability. In effect, we end up paying a surtax for using special education. So, the education is no longer Free and most likely, isn’t Appropriate anymore but thank goodness, we’ve gotten the Least Restrictive Environment. Wouldn’t want to miss that! Oh, wait, if the education isn’t appropriate, that means the LRE isn’t appropriate, either.

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