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Lorraine:  My daughter is 7 and is in main stream school. She has a 8 year old boy in her class who has additional support needs. In 3 weeks he has hit various children, pushed my girl into a bush, threw her lunch away into a field, kicked the toilet door when she has been inside, threw a chair at her and punched her winding her. I have met with the head master who has told me it is not bullying as the little boy has no awareness of his actions. I have been assured that her safety is paramount (I disagree), but the boy is entitled to be educated (he is but surely not at my daughter expense?) I have quoted get it right for every child to which he has said every child has the right to education. At what expense when my daughter is suffering physically emotionally and educationally? He cannot guarantee this would not happen again. What can I do now to protect my daughter and the other children in her class.
Ps I am not against children with needs in class (my nephew is autistic and his behaviour is managed by teachers and support staff but is never this violent). Any advice?

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You can report the assaults to the police.

You can do this now, based on the school’s lack of investigation and lack of action.

Or you can meet with school administrators, patiently and persistently working your way up the ladder, and hold the option of reporting the assaults to the police in reserve — but don’t wait too long with that, and keep a careful paper trail of your efforts with the district.

Your guide in deciding when to report to the police should be the level of threat to your daughter. If you are afraid to send her to school, then don’t wait to make that call.

There are of course many ways the school can continue to exercise inclusive education while still protecting your daughter and the other children.


It sounds like he is not being properly supported. All behavior is communication and he’s trying to communicate something. He probably needs an FBA, positive behavioral supports and more supervision.