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Debbie:  My nine year old has dyslexia and ADD.We just had a CSE meeting and the reading program that they use is read 180 and system 44. I was told that this program is technology based with some small group instruction. Has anyone had exposure to this reading program and if so was it successful in elementary age child?

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My daughter was very successful and made progress. The KEY is that the teacher was trained and had ongoing professional development in the program. Class size was small and structured. My daughter did start off with Wilson and then to Read 180. She LOVED Read 180. She has LD/dyslexia. It was implemented with fidelity and the teacher was excellent. Some people may disagree about Read 180 but it worked for my child. My daughter has nothing but excellent comments and feedback about Read 180. She made progress and is now headed towards college next year. It depends on the needs of the child, trained teachers, implementation, etc. The teacher also had a well trained aide in the classroom.