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Michelle:  I am being told that my 5th grade daughter who is dyslexic and has a 504 has to take the Texas STARR test up to three times and then participate in summer school if she does not pass. I am against her taking the test more than once and against summer school. This seems punitive for her disability. They have also mentioned retention if we do not comply despite the fact she has As and Bs. I have been told I do not have the right as a parent to prevent her from testing or not participating in summer school. Any advice out there?

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TX law requires that students take the STAAR up to 3 times. Also students in grade 5 & 8 can be retained. Accelerated instruction is to be provided after they fail the test the first time. Parents can prevent the student from having to take the test for the 3rd time. So if she should fail, instruction should begin right away. As a student with dyslexia, if she fails the reading test, you can push for additional multisensory reading instruction the school year, & the summer. I am in TX & can provide you more info & help.