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Krissy: I am a special education teacher at a BOCES for alternate assessment. Our school has not had a speech therapist for 17 students. The students should be receiving services, but because of the shortage of staff, they are not. They had a speech therapist for November and part of December and then she was let go of. The administrators are now telling us that we need to implement these goals and progress monitor them in the classroom. I am not a certified speech therapist and although I may understand the goal, I do not know how to remediate. All seven of us are confused on how they can get away with this? This is not my job nor does it sound legal because it is outside of my certification. Any advice would be great!

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THe school will need to hire an outside speech therapist for the students or they are out of compliance until they can hire someone full time. They will also need to make up the time lost (not in minutes per day but by days).

Your state parent training & information project or state education agency could help.